My Story

My name is Kolio Kolev. I'm 23 years old. I was originally born in Bulgaria - a small country in Europe. I lived there until about the age of 5, then Mom and Dad made some decisions and we came to the U.S. Here is where I started developing my passion for art, which later manifested into graphic design, and down the road I discovered the harmony of its application in coherence with Web Development. This artistic passion expanded when I discovered web design and coding. Ever since then, I was hooked. I would stay up night after night, most days past midnight chugging along at the frame work, the stylistic appeals, and the design. While all of my friends were out partying, I was sitting inside on the couch with a laptop, playing the TV in the background, and zoning into a world that was my own. A world that I could shape any which way I so chose to. I was focused on my goals, and my ambitions - to become a professional web developer, with a killer, naturally derived and developed knack in design. With nearly 20 years worth of an artistic mind in the making, 5+ years of graphic design experience, and 2 years of web development knowledge, I can truly say this will forever be a passion close to my heart.

Some Additional Pursuits of Happiness


I love working out. Point blank period. It acts as a stress reliever when life throws you curveballs, and it keeps you healthy, so you're less likely to succumb to an illness all while increasing life expectancy.


Entrepreneurship has inspired so many, and taught me so much. The ability that you can do whatever it is you dream about in this life, and you're capable of whatever you conceive in your mind is something I live by. Learning this skill is what injected my heart with belief and desire - not just in myself, but the ability to instill it within others.


As I mentioned before, this will always be near and dear to me. Whenever I have a couple hours of spare time, I'll grab a quick seat, pull out a notebook, or preferably a tablet, and work on some digital art, or do some graphic design.

Social Life

Although in my spare time I enjoy developing my career related technical skills, I also love spending time with friends and family, and creating memories. Whether we're at the house playing some video games or out and about at a restaurant, bar, or the movies, we always have a good time!


El Hogar

During this project I implemented a very simplistic approach. The client wanted a basic website showcasing some of the history of the restaurant, mission statement, and most importantly the food! They wanted the menu accessible on the website as well as a dial-able number that the customer can click on directly from the site. I added the style of the restaurant in every portion of the website - everything from the colors, all the way to the subtle hover effects of the various buttons and even the authentic looking font family.

Axia Unlimited

This included quite a bit of work and it was coded and design through Wordpress. It's a site encompassing an online course regarding the financial markets. A large header and logo showcase the site from the top and that slowly strides into a video. Apart from designing all of the visual aspects including the logo and pictures utilizing Ai and PS, I also coded an internal training portion on the website. This involved a hidden "training" feature that appears on the menu only to the official "members" when they login after they have gone through the registration process, and been manually approved. There were a few various plugins as well as code that had to work simultaneously and synchronize so this full process could work the way it should.

Brand Evolution

A hard coded site that includes various applications of HTML, CSS, and JS. I applied JS for the various effects seen on the header, as well as the visual parallax effects on the site. This also included coding the mainframe that allows the site to accept contact submission forms and routes it to the specified email. I created all of the visuals/photos/diagrams/etc. with advanced PS and Ai usage and conceptually designed them from the ground up.

Cahill Contractors

A large amount of HTML and CSS was applied to this site right off the bat. This site was constructed completely from the ground up without the client having too much of an idea of what he wanted apart from a nice showcase of various images. It required a high level of design theory on my end. I implemented utilization of parallax and did so outside of the normal javascript requirements as there wouldn't have been further need for use of JS for the majority of the site. I created the design side following a light green/white theme that worked with the clients' logo, which made it subtle and calming to the eyes and overall a clean, visually appealing approach.